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We Are The Solution To Live Your Dream

You have a dream!  Don’t let age, ability, or anything stop you from living out what you dream about doing.  

You have a life purpose and half the fun of living this life is figuring out what that is!  We can help you to have the courage to get started!

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Having the courage to start or accelerate in business requires a mentor

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We Are Ready To Help You To The Next Level

We are proven experts at gaining courage to do almost anything.   We can show you how to BREAK THROUGH and live that dream that you have always had.

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“Fulfilling a childhood dream is an awesome feeling.  It’s even better when you start and finish it later in life “.

Jon Melby Airshow Pilot and FearBoss Founder


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We Are Experts In The Field Of Managing Fear

FearBoss founder Jon Melby is an expert at managing fear to achieve dreams.  Nearly every idea or dream that Jon has had in his life has become reality.  All throughout his life.  The methods that Jon uses are the same ones that he can teach you too.


Achieved Goals

Many of Jon's ideas/dreams in life have been met.

Expert Mentor

Many others mentored to start living their dream

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We Provide The Best Course For You

Nowhere else can you find a course solution with FREE Tips and Tricks to achieve your dream taught by a Professional Airshow Pilot.  All of our courses are designed for one goal…to help you get started in pursuing your ideas, goals, and dreams!

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Fear Of The Unknown

  • Course by Jon Melby

Learn how to operate outside of your comfort zone.  This 5 Day Challenge will help you get there.



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Ideas To Reality

  • Course by Jon Melby

You have a business or fun idea you want to pursue.  This course teaches you how to start.



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Starting A Business

  • Course by Jon Melby

You want to have your own business.  This course will give you the tools to start it up.



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Get Started On A Goal – Make Your Bed First

All of us ponder ideas in our head.  Some of us then share the idea with others.  When that idea keeps popping up and morphs into something bigger, maybe it is time to pursue that idea.  

Many dreams have become reality for others simply because they started on a journey to learn about the idea.  But nothing happens until you start you day right.  Simply by making your bed everyday to complete the first goal of the day.  Now you can pursue your dreams and life goals.

/ Popular Coaching

Our Coaching VideoCollection We Like

Review these FREE videos to discover more about why we do what we do here at FearBoss.  These short videos will inspire you to begin pursuing that idea or dream.  A great place to start so you can witness it becoming a reality.  Then take a look at what we offer for coaching you to success.

Act Like A Real Leader

Everyone can be a leader, but leading is the key.  It is best to guide and not command.  This video explains why.

  • Video by Leadership Academy

Courage Is Contageous

Courage is contagious.   Even when you have fear of something, if you have courage, then others around you will too!  Watch this motivational video!

  • Video by Motivercity

/ Testimonial

Our FearBoss Clients Say

Check out how others have been helped through the FearBoss solutions.  You too can benefit from what we do here at FearBoss.  You only have to the courage to start.

Eric Ames
Eric Ames

Flight Instructor

I was working in corporate America. Although 20 years ago I received my Flight Instructor rating, I never did anything with it. FearBoss helped me get recertified and now I have a full time job doing what I love as a flight instructor!

Jacqueline Brege
Jacqueline Brege

Office Staff

My whole life I have been very afraid to fly. I hated going on airline flights for work or vacation. That all changed when FearBoss helped me to overcome my flying fears. Today, I love flying and can't wait for my next travel by air!

Michael Trow
Michael Trow

Marketing Professional

I was at a point in my life where I wasn't sure what to do next. FearBoss gave me the courage to go to college and pursue my dream to become a military pilot. Now complete with college and waiting for a pilot slot.

Melissa Salgado
Melissa Salgado

Office Manager

I took the FearBoss "Fear of the Unknown 5 Day Challenge" course. Now I feel more confident and I even took an initial learn to ride a motorcycle class. A lifelong dream that I had! Thanks FearBoss!

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