Manage Fear of Flying


Do you or someone you know have a Fear of Flying?
FearBoss and Professional Airshow Pilot Jon Melby has created 5 step guide to help you manage that fear!

Fear of Flying is debilitating! It will stop you in your tracks to do what you are meant to do in life.

We can help you get over Fear of Flying!

Jon Melby

Jon Melby - FearBoss

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Time to Achieve YOUR Dream!

Have you figured it out yet?   Answered your own question of “What is my purpose on this planet anyway?”   Here at FearBoss, we are committed to helping people (like you) to learn what that is and manage the fear to achieve it.  The trick is to release the handcuffs in life so you can accomplish nearly anything.   As you learn more about becoming a FearBoss, our experts will help guide you as they are masters at managing fear.  We have many FREE resources that you can use to help make your dream much easier to achieve!

Jon Melby

Professional Airshow Pilot - FearBoss

A message from Jon Melby: In my lifetime, I have had to face many fears.  If I never took the opportunity to try, it would have been a pretty boring/unfulfilled life.  A life filled with a lot of regret and saying to myself “I wish I would have” or “I should have done it!”   We all have gifts and talents, we just need a mentor or system to help activate them.   That is why I created FearBoss, so others can learn to overcome their fears and become a FearBoss like I am.   As you learn more about our program, perhaps you will want to become FearBoss certified.  Then you can help others overcome the same fears that you managed.

Here at the FearBoss Nation, you will find the inspiration from us about how Bold Actions brings Bold Results!   It can and it will change your life!

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Fear of Flying 5 Step Guide

Get FearBoss and Professional Airshow Pilot Jon Melby's FREE 5 Step Guide to Manage Fear of Flying.  Having fear of flying makes life difficult because of "Fear of the Unknown (Aviation)".  This special guide is created just for you by Jon Melby.  An expert in managing fear and a master FearBoss at achieving the dream!  As a Bonus, you will also receive a custom signed autograph card from Jon Melby!

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Learn about your FearBoss Mentor Jon Melby

If you have fear to face, realize that all of us have to deal with fear. The issue is knowing how to overcome it to achieve what you need to do in life.  There is a secret to living a fear managed life.   As you can see below, I have figured it out and would like to share that knowledge with you!

Bold Actions bring Bold Results   ~Jon Melby – Fearboss

Professional Airshow Pilot

FearBoss Jon Melby is a professional airshow pilot! He has been flying since he was 15 years and a pro pilot since 2002. He stepped out to achieve his childhood dream against all odds and lots of fears.

Successful Business Owner

Since 1984, Jon has been a business owner. Airshow, Aviation Related, Online, and medical clinic. Each are unique in how to approach sales and growth.

Adult Hockey Player

Although Jon Melby played hockey in his youth, he overcame his fears as an adult (40's) to pursue the dream of playing hockey once again. With this reality, it is one of Jon's highlights of the week and year!

Television Personality

Since 2010, Jon has been involved with several forms of Television Docudrama type work. Specifically related to his role as an Airshow Pilot. He has worked as both a character and "stunt pilot".


As a hockey player, it is only natural to play golf. But to be good takes practice and it is a necessity sometimes for business. Jon has been playing golf since 1980 and is committed to getting better.

Professional Ski Instructor

Jon switched from playing hockey at 13 years old to Snow Skiing. He became a Freestyle and Slalom Racer within just a few years. As an adult, he continues the skiing passion whenever possible.

Motocross Racing

In 2020, Jon is going to manage his fear and begin racing adult Motocross. To many people, this sounds like an insane idea. But, as a dream of Jon's, it requires fear management to make it happen.

Musician and Band Member

When Jon was 18 years old, he bought a guitar and a song book. Then taught himself to play guitar. He always wanted to play in a band and started later in adulthood.

Veteran USAF Special Operations Aircrew

Jon served in the United States Air Force as an MC-130 Combat Talon Loadmaster in his early 20's. In this role, he managed the weight and balance of the four engine MC-130 aircraft. He was also airdrop qualified with several aerial delivery systems. Jon was blessed to be a part of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) serving with Navy Seals, Delta Force, Army Rangers, and USAF Special Operations teams. Many of the missions Jon flew in were Covert and directed by the CIA in direct protection of our nation. This duty alone was enough to learn how to overcome your fears, but with such a wonderful purpose in achieving the goal/dream!

What is stopping you from that dream?

My Job Takes all My time

This is the number one reason (excuse) why people do not pursue their dream as an adult. Basically, it is called "golden handcuffs".

Family pressures

I get it - Family First. But there is a gentle balance that has to occur. If you are not content and a life fulfilled, what does that tell your family?

I am too old

This is a good one. First of all, who told you that you were "too old"? If you are breathing and awake, you are not too old.

fear of failure

Of all the fears, this one has been proven to ultimately not matter. If you win - you win. If you lose - you learn. (Einstein, Edison, etc)

Who is FearBoss for?

FearBoss is for anyone – No matter your age, gender, position in life, or financial status. The fact is that you have a dream, a hope that needs to at least “try” to be fulfilled. You just need the encouragement to start with some guidance along the way.

So, you are all settled in with your career.  The kids (if any) are nearly out of the house.   You are thinking about retirement and what those “golden years” are going to be like without that pesky career.   You are worried about having enough for retirement, so you box away your dreams so your future doesn’t get messed up.   The reality is some of your dreams can’t physically be accomplished in your retirement years.   We can help you prioritize so you get the best of both worlds.

As you are enjoying retirement, have you noticed that your lifelong skills are not being used?  Do you like being called a “Senior Citizen” as a demographic category?  Retirement is okay, but the term “financial security” is much better.  You have certain skills that you should NOT be afraid to use in this generation.  Your unfulfilled dreams should be on the top of your “bucket list”.   We can help you to get all of the above squared away. 

If you are a woman and you think that its a “man’s world”, guess what!  It’s only a “man’s world” if you make it that way.   Brick walls can be climbed, ran around, or bull-dozed over.  But who you are as an individual does not have to change.   Strategy, knowledge, and perseverance.  We can help with that!

Really?  Would Colin Powell, Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Justice Sonia Sotomayor agree with you?  Obviously everyone’s circumstance in life are different from others.  However, gaining knowledge, tactics, mentoring, and hope will go a long way towards “changing your stars”.  Life is not fair…but having a chance is.  You just need FearBoss to help get you there.

If this is true…then I am sorry you went through that experience.  Then my next statement is…”Are you through?”  Now is the time to get cranking on being who you were meant to be.  Your past is your past, but your future is tomorrow.  At FearBoss, our lives haven’t been a “bed of roses” either, but we made it to a dream fulfilled life and so can you.

Be anxious for

Jon Melby

Jon Melby - FearBoss

Become a FearBoss!
A BOSS of all your fears

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