FearBoss – Managing Fear of the Unknown

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In this course, you will learn that fear of the unknown is the #1 reason why people walk around in fear.  In fact, most people don’t even think about fear of the unknown.  They simply never get past their fear and stay in a continual “Wish I could” or “Maybe someday” state of mind.  

Dealing with fear of the unknown means you have to go back to the root of why you are in fear.  This is where you will be challenged because you have to face your fears.  But once you have identified your fears, especially your number one fear, you will have a less debilitating life to live.

What You'll Learn

Student Testimonial
"Taking the FearBoss Fear of the Unknown course changed my life! I never really knew why I was unable to pursue my dreams. Sure, I dreamt about a lot of things I would like to do, but I could never step out and do them. After taking this course, I finally signed up for a motorcycle riders class. I did it and now looking for a motorcycle to buy. This has been my lifelong dream and it is going to happen!."
Melissa S
Office Manager