About FearBoss

FearBoss is an idea, a concept, and a reality.  We were formed in 2018 to provide a place where people can go online to discover how to manage their fears.  

FearBoss founder and CEO is Jon Melby.   Jon is a professional airshow pilot, hockey player, former professional snow skier, and former USAF Special Operations Veteran.  With life long experience in fear management, Jon’s tips, tricks, and REAL solutions to manage fear is right here on FearBoss. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help as many people as we can to manage their fears...in anything. So they can pursue their dreams and have a fear free life

We continually meet people wherever we go and when questioned about their lives, they are not doing what they were meant to do.   Either through failures from the past or fear of what is on the road ahead.  What we see in the future is a FearBoss Nation.  Filled with people who have learned how to overcome fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and even fear of success.  Embracing the fear in front of them because they are empowered and have learned through practical application about fear management.

Our Mission

We are definitely on a mission - a really cool mission to change the world!

Imagine if you were on a mission.  A special ops or Top Secret mission.  How would you handle the fear of what is in front of you?  Better yet, how would you handle the unknown obstacles ahead?   That is practical application of fear management which builds confidence.  You cannot receive confidence in something unless you apply it in a practical way.  That is our mission, to provide the tools and resources that help people become confident in managing their fears!